Fast and Furious

Last night, we had a mini-blizzard.  As often happens here, the wind kicked up, the clouds moved in, the sky lowered and in just a couple of hours, we were being dumped on.  It hadn’t snowed that hard and fast in several years:

This was taken off the edge of the porch just where the street light is on the corner.  Down the street in the other direction, the neighbor’s house took on an otherworldly feel, as always happens in the snow:

Then, of course, G was so happy we were getting moisture, she had to run out and strike a pose, too:

Yes, we still have a few decorations up.  It may not be Christmas any more, but it’s obviously still winter!  And see that snow on the porch rail? That accumulation happened in under 30 minutes…yeah, no kidding!  By the time it stopped snowing, we had over 4 inches.

Today, the road was a sheet of ice on the way to pick up the boys for school, but by this afternoon, nearly all signs of our blizzard had been eradicated.

Colorado weather, gotta love it!


5 thoughts on “Fast and Furious

  1. We have only had the lightest of dustings, here in the Pacific Northwest. Wouldn’t mind it really, it’d be a nice break from the incessant rain.

    Hey, I’m with you on the decorations! I think ornaments that are hung to greet the winter solstice and bring back the light should stay up until the vernal equinox. My partner doesn’t agree with me on that, though. We do keep the colorful sparkle lights up year round on the front porch though. They serve as our porch light and are very cheery.

  2. We got about 6 inches yesterday here in Cincy, a city that is not so good at handling that much snow. Quite a contrast from when I lived in Estes Park and we might get serious snow overnight but the roads would be cleared in the a.m. There’s also a big difference when people know how to drive the in the snow. And frozen slush is one of my least favorite of road conditions.

    Stay warm, and keep the boys safe – I know you will.

    P.S. Love your porch lights. I have some on my screened porch too (accentuated with chili pepper lights.)

    Best to you GG,

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