Your Wish…

…is my next blog post!  Herewith mustard roasted potatoes.  But seriously, folks, a recipe? Ya’ll need a recipe for this? The name says it all:



Potatoes.  But you asked, so I shall deliver, including illustrations: First you get some potatoes and a few other things:

Cut up the potatoes into good-sized chunks and put them in a bowl:

Sprinkle them with the dry stuff. No, I don’t have any quantities, just till it looks right to you. And, no, I never peel the potatoes for this, but you can if you want to:

Then add the wet stuff–olive oil:

And then, voila, MUSTARD!

Plunge your hands into the bowl and mix, making sure all potato chunks are coated in the mix. Then spread on a foil-lined baking sheet:

And put them in the oven at 350:

While you’re waiting for them to cook (maybe 45 minutes), make something to go with them like salmon patties. Ready for the skillet:

And in my new non-stick skillet, a Christmas gift from G:

And then when you’re all done–dinner:

FYI, the salmon patties have diced onion, grated carrot and chiffonaded spinach along with egg and chick-pea flour for binding (gluten free).  Good stuff.

Now I am off to register for a new challenge before I lose my nerve. This will give me 9 months to get ready.  Alcatraz, here I come!!

Have a great week!


8 thoughts on “Your Wish…

  1. Yeah! Thanks for sharing your technique on these! Whether or not you intended these to be a contribution to today’s veggie edition of Dim Sum Sunday , I think you’ll enjoy what the rest of the gang is up to.

    Stay warm!

  2. e–they are both yummy and simple. A great alternative to mashed, steamed or covered in cheese.

    Thanks! I have 9 months to train. I’ll look at is as having a different kind of “baby”! LOL

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