I Love…

My kitchen floor:

G wants to change it–wood or tile or something equally new and shiny that will show all the dirt, dust, crumbs and anything else that falls on it.  I’m like…no WAY! I mean, LOOK at that? Is there dirt on it? Can you tell? Are those food spots or just the design of the linoleum? And make no mistake, ladies and gents, that is real, honest-to-God, linoleum there.  And probably underneath it is asbestos, so if we ever DO decide to disturb the floor, we will have to have another asbestos abatement adventure like we did in 2004 when we had the roof replaced (asbestos shingles).

My vote:  Keep the floor!

What do you think?


5 thoughts on “I Love…

  1. If you’re dealing with even the POSSIBILITY of asbestos removal, leave it be. Seriously. Do. not. mess. with. it.

    G might perhaps persuade you to lay something new on top of that flooring, but ripping it up? NO WAY.

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