Look At Her!

G just got a series of old family photos of her and her siblings–the brother who committed suicide and her 2 sisters that she’s still in touch with.  Just look at her with her little butch hat on! From the looks of them, this might be right around the time her father died (also suicide) and before things went sort of downhill as a family for them.  At least they had some happy times together and she and her sister J who came to visit in September have really reconnected. What a photo!


3 thoughts on “Look At Her!

  1. Adorable picture, but tragic story. I think so often of my uncle and cousin (father and son) who also committed suicide. Tremendous impact, even though we were separated by many miles.

    My thoughts and prayers for G.

  2. Peg, it is a sad story, and again points out a lot about “nature vs. nurture”. G had virtually NO “nurture” in her life and yet turned out to be one of the most wonderful people you’d ever want to meet and it’s not just me who says that. So, you have to chalk it up to her “nature”. What makes one sib able to cope with so much and others not? Guess it’s one of the mysteries of human nature that will probably not be solved any time soon!

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