Winter Wonder

Yesterday afternoon, after G got home from Denver, we decided to take the poor dog for a walk around the park. It had actually warmed up to around 27 degrees after days of below-zero temperatures even with the sun out, so it felt quite warm. The poor dog has been going stir crazy not getting her daily walks so we took pity on her.  Just as we were rounding the back side of the park, it started to spit snow.  G said it had just started to do that as she left Denver and it must have followed her south because by the time we got back to the house, it was coming down pretty good.  And continued to come down well into the evening.  This is actually the first real honest-to-goodness, long SNOW that we’ve had yet this winter.  We have lots of COLD and some flurries, but this was totally nature’s feather bed coming down to blanket everything in a soft, white, quiet cover. I love snow like this.  I watched it accumulating during the evening and around 9 pm I couldn’t wait any more.  I had to go out and get some photos of not only the snow but the amazing light that accompanied it.  Only got a few because the camera battery was low, but they were worth it.  The first one was with the flash. All the others are in the ambient snow-light–with some help from the streetlight on the corner.  This one will give you an idea of how hard it was snowing:

Same shot (nearly) but without flash:

This one might be our Christmas card next year. I love the glow of the lights in the house across the street:

Winter decorations still up:

Apple tree–waiting:

And my personal favorite–standing well under the snow-covered shade cloth over the porch, looking out at the park across the street:

I know there are people living in places with “better” weather, but I wouldn’t trade these magic opportunities for all the sunshine and warmer temps in the world.


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