Cabin Fever

I think it’s finally set in. We going on the second (or third) week of seriously cold temps (negative numbers at night and not much higher during the day), snow, wind, and other sucky things that keep you inside.  Not that I’m opposed to staying inside. But. I’m getting that “Long Winter” feeling from that Laura Ingalls Wilder book of the same name. Last week, what with the explosion and all the crap in the garage and then not having electricity at all out there and the roads being bad, etc., I exercised virtually not at all, other than my morning t’ai chi rounds before work and some weights.

I’ve succumbed to network television (GASP). I love the following shows: Lie to Me, Glee, Castle, NCIS, NCIS Los Angeles and The Mentalist.  That is just WAY too much television, dammit! Way too much.

My daughter has been really sick for the last 3 or 4 days, flu, something. She went to the ER on Sunday. Anyway, I volunteered to pick up the boys yesterday so she could have a night’s quiet sleep and take them to school today.  Only school was canceled today. So, I make breakfast and they played computer and Wii for a while and I took them home in the snow. I wanted to go see “The King’s Speech” which we were headed to last week when the explosion intervened.

G. had a melt down.  I guess a real PTSD kind of thing. She’s supposed to be going to CA next week to visit her sister for sister’s 50th BD. With all the stuff happening with the house, she’s freaking out. She’s scared of traveling without me (though she’s crossed the country on a BUS alone several times).  She’s worried about expenses even though our insurance did replace the garage door and will hopefully replace the wiring, too.  Got the electricity back on in the garage anyway, so that’s a plus.

She wanted me to go to the movie, so I said okay. Got halfway there (through town) and decided whiteout/blizzard conditions were maybe not the best for going to a movie.  Came home.

Now I’m down here and she’s up there.  It’s 7 degrees outside and still spitting snow. I haven’t been swimming in over a week and my body is damn grumpy about it. I’m grumpy.

This is the first time ever that winter has really got to me. Maybe it’s the combination of just being at home all the time for work AND play, maybe it’s the nagging cold in the background all the time, I don’t know. It’s hard to watch her fret and worry about everything–pipes are going to burst, car’s going to have a flat tire from the nails left by the garage door guy, something’s going to go wrong with the hot tub, you name it, something going to happen. I feel like I’m back living with my father (“Cover up that toaster, dust will get in it and cause a fire!”)  I do feel for her, I really do, and yes, we have had some unexpected expenses (can’t say I was thrilled at my c. card bill this month as I put the pluming expense on it), but that’s just life. We’ll figure it out somehow, we always do. I’m thinking about all the little tomato seeds we have trying to sprout all around the house.

Maybe I should tackle those bookshelves…


2 thoughts on “Cabin Fever

  1. Aww… poor GG and G!

    Is your bike still hooked up to the exercise dealie? I’d get on it and ride, ride, ride if I were you. Break a sweat. Then go sit in the hot tub and after that, meditate.

    That’s my perscription for cabin fever. 🙂
    Hang in there!

  2. Thanks, e! Yes, the bike is still out there and ready. Just got the electricity on yesterday, so maybe a ride tonight. And tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and the roads better, so I have a date with the pool. This is ridiculous!

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