Books By My Bed

I read. A lot. And broadly. One of the few things G and I had “issues” about for a while was my side of the bed. “My” side was the side first visible when coming into the room. We have since switched sides and my book-piling proclivities are now safely hidden behind the bed, so issue resolved. 😉  My end table is a bookcase which is full, and my before bed reading material spills over on to the floor. I like it that way.  I like having piles of books right at hand if I want to reach down and pick one.  They are my books, library books, used books, old books, new books (Dr. Seuss, anyone?).  I don’t get the whole e-reader thing.  Yeah, yeah, I understand all the pros. I don’t get them.  iPods/MP3s, I’ve succumbed to them.  But I want a book. Don’t give me some damn, flimsy, tablet looking thingie. I want a BOOK, that smells like a book, not plastic and circuitry. That sounds like a book with ruffly, whispery pages, that makes a satisfactory “thunk” when I drop it on the floor before I go to sleep. I want the weight of it on my chest when I’m lying there reading before bed, the feel of the words working on my body as well as my brain. Yes. I will always want books by my bed. Here, in no particular order, is my current “stack”:

1. The Secret Garden
2. The Chronicles of Prydain
3. Darwin’s Children
4. Raising Cain: Protecting the Emotional Lives of Boys
5. The Weight
6. Nobody Passes
7. not much just chillin: the hidden lives of middle schoolers
8. Learning From the Heart
9. Virus of the Mind
10. Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows
11. The Taliban – Militant Islam, Oil and Fundamentalism in Central Asia
12. The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian
13. The Rogue’s March: John Reilly and the St. Patrick’s Day Battalion
14. Kitchen Confidential
15. To Kill a Mockingbird
16. The Hawk of May
17. A Book of Five Rings

What books lurk by your bed?


5 thoughts on “Books By My Bed

  1. I love your list, GG, and some of them are beside my bed too.

    Before T and I got together it wasn’t just the bedside table that was stacked with books. Since I slept alone, and I don’t move much when I sleep, the other side of the bed had stacks of books too. I kind of miss that!

    Here’s what is in current rotation:
    The God of Small Things
    Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
    Running with Scissors
    Radical Acceptance
    The Lord of the Rings (trilogy, box set)

    And below the books, a drawer full of journals.

  2. That’s certainly quite the variety you have there. On the way home on the subway today, I saw an ad for a theatrical presentation of The Secret Garden – here in Toronto, but the Edinburgh Festival version, so bonus, since they are from my hometown! I’m reading Rita Mae Brown at the moment, Loose Lips (I just finished reading Six of One). I also have the third book in the trilogy, whose title escapes me at the moment. I have to admit, I’m still in the ravenous lesbian fiction stage of my coming out. I also have Sophie’s World (a book my daughter bought for herself in high school). Like you used to e, I have a double bed to myself, so my book “stack” also resides on the other side of the bed.

  3. Liz–Edinburgh is one of my favorite places on earth! One day I hope to go to the Festival and the military Tattoo at the Castle. One can dream, right? And I, too, have often slept with books strewn about the bed!


  4. At home I’m reading Burning Bright, a book by Tracy Chevalier. I’d read one other book by her and liked it, so when I found this one at a local dollar store, I bought it. At work for those occasional moments I have to steal a quick read, I’m reading a book called Show of Hands. It’s a so-so work of fiction. To my students, I am about to start reading The Princess Bride. I can’t wait to absorb them in that story! Your stack is certainly diverse…I’d love to hear more about the middle school book. That’s the age I teach.

  5. Books in the bed, under the bed, beside and around. When I was a child, my parents bought me a bookcase headboard for the bed. It was so perfect.

    1. AA BigBook (always a copy)

    2. Running and Being

    3. Pittsburgh Then And Now

    4. Virginia At War-1861

    Old issues of Vanity Fair are also always within reach, as are cycling or body building mags.

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