Bachin’ It

On Monday after work, I’ll be taking G up to Denver so she can go visit her younger sister in CA for a week. T turns 50 on the 17th and G had the idea to go out there and surprise her.  Then her other sister (who visited here last fall) decided she wanted to go, too, along with her daughter and they’ve been planning this trip for months now.

I’m a little envious because they’ll be in San Francisco part of the time (sister lives in Merced), AND because G will be able to scope out where I’m going to be swimming in September. But, I know that she and I will go back there together and have a great time, especially since she will have been there before me.

Truthfully, I am looking forward to having the house to myself for a week.  No big projects will get done (unlike if SHE were left to her own for the same amount of time), but I hope a lot of movies will get watched! 😉

I hope to get back into the routine of swimming and bike riding in the garage now that the electricity is back on out there.  I tell you, after my “grumpy” post the other day, I finally made it back to the garage and got on the bike for 30 minutes and I swear at about 10 minutes into pedaling, I could feel the endorphins kick in like an injection of heroin–okay, I just use that as a comparison, I’ve never injected heroin.  Please.  It felt great. I felt so much better once I was done riding, it was crazy.  I guess I’ve become addicted to exercise, but at least it’s free and something my own body manufactures (“endogenous morphine”).  Oh, yeah.

Then I swam for 30 minutes the following day, which was great. So, I hope with a little bit of warmer weather, the ice will melt off the streets and I can go walking, too.

And Lady Gaga has a new song out, so I can add that to my playlist and bike away to nowhere!

But I was talking about being home alone. I realized the other day that it’s going on 5 years since I left the law office and started working from home. How is that even possible? I still think it’s amazing that we are both here all day and manage not to get on each others’ nerves very much.  Having heat down here in the basement makes a huge difference since I can run down here if I need to “escape”. But seriously, we really don’t step on each others’ toes TOO much.

On the other hand, it’s always nice to have a little time alone. By the time next week rolls around, I’ll be ready to have her back safe and sound!

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!


6 thoughts on “Bachin’ It

  1. Cheryl will be in Tx visiting her sister next week. Hard to predict how my week might go. I’m working on my income taxes at a ratio of about 1/5. (One part application to two parts procrastination.) But, those plans can change at any moment.

    Funny how after a little scare and brief hospitalization this week, I could not wait for her to come home, now, I can’t wait for her to leave.

  2. Peg – good luck on the taxes! And yes, I know what you mean about wanting her home and then being glad for a little break. We’re funny like that, huh? 😉

  3. great blog…and so true – you don’t get tired of someone when you have mutual respect and desire to make it work out.
    You two make me smile.

    Happy alone time!


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