New Link

So, everyone, if you’ll look over to the right, you’ll see a shiny, new link over there to a wonderful place called LezGoGirls. This is the new site/business venture of a couple of friends of ours in Pueblo, Surf and Turf. They will tell you all about how they got their cute little monikers on their site, but if you enjoy travel or have a dream destination in mind, these ladies can probably give you the “low down” on the lesbian rating of the place.

For instance, they just got back from safari in Africa, which they highly recommend as an incredible experience–BUT, if you go, you don’t want to put yourself out as a lesbian, plain and simple for survival reasons.  Bora Bora on the other hand, be as out as you please.

Being a travel slut myself, I’ve checked out a lot of sites on the Internets, but there are very few that are dedicated just to lesbians.  They’re not a travel agency (yet), but they will be a great resource to help you plan your own trip and to know what to expect from a place in terms of how lesbian friendly it is.

Go…check them out.  You won’t be sorry, I promise!



2 thoughts on “New Link

  1. Nice site! Thanks GG. It’s just teasing me now, though, since my finances are in no shape for travel. Still, nice to dream of the day when we are on our way!

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