So, there was this bunch of grapes in the fridge. I’d been nibbling away at them, but they were still there and I knew I wasn’t going to finish them and didn’t want to toss them out.

Then I got the brilliant idea to haul out the dehydrator.  A bit more than 24 hours later, I had the plumpest, sweetest, most beautiful little raisins you’d ever want!  I will probably never buy raisins again.  This year, the fruit of our grape vine will be preserved…yay! G has the camera; otherwise, I’d post a pic. Maybe next time.

G comes home tomorrow and I can’t wait to show her these cute little raisins.  Who’d have thought I’d be so excited over something so simple? Good thing I’m easily amused!

And on that note, I think she had a very “mixed” time on her trip. Lots of “family dynamic” stuff combined with really bad weather do not a completely pleasant trip make. I’ll be ready with comforting things when she gets back tomorrow. Can’t wait to see her walk out of the arrival gate and sweep her into my arms.

The time alone has been good, but I’m ready to have her back!!

Later, ‘taters!


4 thoughts on “Raisins!

  1. The bit about welcoming G home made me sniffle a bit too..I just welcomed Mian home yesterday, and I know what you must be feeling now. Yesterday was an evening of cooking the perfect soup, getting chocolate, and mian’s favourite breakfast, and applying lashings of mascara. I am so happy today, and hope you are too!

  2. I hope you got that car cleaned out!!! (Just kidding, kind of, cuz we all know how G is about the car…)

    I’m glad you know how lucky you are to have each other. That makes me happy.


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