Look What I Got!

My honey went to San Francisco and brought me this:

I LOVE it!  And she brought me THE most beautiful, teal-colored, Tibetan silk scarf (have I mentioned my scarf fetish?)

AND, she actually went to “Good Vibrations” in front of God and her sisters and everyone and brought home a “little something” that we’ve been talking about for a while.

Can’t wait for things to “settle down” so we can try it out.

Hee, hee,

GG 😉

PS – AND she found where I’ll be leaving for the swim, AND she found the swim club AND she got a photo of one of the boats I’ll have to jump off of. She did so great! I am so proud of her I could bust!


6 thoughts on “Look What I Got!

  1. What a great gift! I could see that becoming a favorite t-shirt for many years. The next time that Cheryl travels, I must remember to tell her that I DO NOT want her to find a boat for me to jump off of.

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