My Superpower

Every now and then, the conversation comes up. If you could have a superpower, what would it be? You know, you’re usually sitting around with a bunch of people. For the longest time, I really couldn’t come up with one. Well, maybe I’d like to transform myself into the above image! 😉

Being invisible might be cool for a while, but you’d really have to keep your eyes peeled and not get run over or stepped on in a crowd.  And even if you managed to sneak in somewhere, you’d have to find an out of the way corner to keep your toes safe.

X-ray vision might be cool for a while. Flying, yeah that would be okay; so would breathing under water. But, I finally realized the other day what I’d choose if I could pick my superpower.

I would choose to be able to transport myself and anyone I wanted to any place I wanted, including what I could carry with me at the time.

Imagine…No more TSA pat-downs!  London for lunch? No problem. Dinner in Italy? Let’s go! Of course, time zones would still apply, so I’d have to plan accordingly, but hey, that’s a minor thing.

Oh my, just thinking about all the places I’d go gives me the shivers.  Yep, that instant transportation thing would definitely be my superpower.

Beam me up, Scotty!

What’s your power of choice??



4 thoughts on “My Superpower

  1. I would want Shaggy and Scobby’s superpower. I would want the ability to eat anything I want and not have to worry about weight gain, or any other food/health related things.

  2. First of all, we are way behind on the jet packs. We should have had those by now. And, secondly, we should be very close to teleportation by now! I mean, come on, for those of us who read science fiction, it’s been a long damn time waiting for these!

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