A couple of years ago, we painted our garage with the help of some very enthusiastic boys:

We loved the color and the result.  But around our neighborhood, we began seeing a number of detached garages that had been graced by various “street artists”. This was not simple “tagging” where vandals run by and just mess up paint jobs with spray paint and run off into the dark. These were definitely works of art. We noticed they would change every few months and we decided if we could ever find the people who did them, we’d like to have our garage done, too.

It took a while, but one afternoon we were coming home from somewhere and we saw 2 young men at work on a garage just a couple blocks away. We pulled into the alley where they were working.  At first, they seemed a little wary, and I’m sure they thought that 2 middle-aged gringas were going to give them hell for “defacing” the garage. I could tell they were pretty surprised when we jumped out of the car and told them how much we loved their work and would they do our garage? Definitely a bit of shock there! 😉

Then, winter intervened and it was wayyy too cold outside to paint, but a couple of weeks ago, while G was out of town, one of them came to the door on a nice day and asked if we were still interested. I said we were, but she was out of town and could they come back the following week.  Well, they did and they worked on the garage for nearly a whole day and we LOVE the result:

The lettering says “Dominant Species” and the guy who did it said he got the idea from our Wildlife Federation post that says our yard is officially a bird sanctuary.

A little closer view:

And our two artists, Larry (in the mask) and Brett:

These are two very talented and NICE young men.  They even stopped a drug deal from happening while they were working on the garage. We also told them if they felt inspired and needed a new canvas to work on, they could come back and redo the garage any time they wanted.

Such a cool expression of art. I’m thrilled to know these guys!



7 thoughts on “An-ART-chy

  1. OMG that’s FANTASTIC! Tell those guys their artwork brought tears to my eyes. You’ll have to make up who I am, I guess.

    Dominant Species… love that theme so much.

    Hooray for good young artist guys!!!!!

  2. I have always loved street art. These guys are definitely talented! You and G are so cool for offering your garage to display their work 🙂

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