The last few days, I had a chance to pick up some freelance transcription work from the folks who first hired me.  It’s a little different in that it’s corporate transcription, not medical.  They folks like me because I have a corporate background and I know a lot of the jargon and I know how to G00gle company names and terms and they don’t have to “fix” a lot of my stuff when it comes back.

I like the corporate transcription because it is a nice break from broken human bodies and because every time I do one of these I am so incredibly, amazingly grateful that I am no longer in the thick of the corporate world.  These people sound SO excited about whatever it is they’re doing and all I can think of is, but what does it really MEAN??  They produce an incredibly large number of words, but most of them are empty.  Sort of like corporations, I guess.

And may I just say that if I hear anyone use the word “leverage” as a verb for the next two weeks, I will vomit.  Oh my god.  We “leveraged” this and we “leveraged” that, and these are assets that you can “leverage” and we can get customer “leverage” and C-level “leverage” and how many times can I possibly get the word “leverage” in a sentence?

At the end of the day it’s enough to make you puke.  Seriously.  But it is what it is and I for one as a writer should really know that I should avoid cliches like the plague because they’re a dime a dozen, right?

However, for all you POD-ophiles out there (look it up if you need to), I did find this crazy website, so figured I had to share it.  Not that MY pods would be caught dead in anything like that, but some people might like it.  Yes, somehow that came out in the discussion that was on my transcription file.

So, that was my day off.  I worked.  And we had a nice visit from a friend who had moved up to Denver and was back in town visiting.  It was good to see her.

Otherwise, things are kind of blah.  Exercising is okay.  I’m up to swimming an hour again.  Walked 5 miles on Saturday.  Still looking for a wet suit.

Tomato seedlings are doing well and we planted kale, chard, spinach, collards, cilantro and some peppers in the greenhouse.  Thought we had lettuce seeds but G’s container of seeds went interdimensional when the garage exploded.  So, lettuce seeds are on the list.

Wanting to write more, but needing to get away from the computer.  G talks about not spending time together then when I’m upstairs, she’s “farming”.  She’s been blah, too.  Most likely the weather and things will be better when she can get outside.

All this wasn’t really what I wanted to write about today, but that’s what showed up, so it’ll have to do until I can “leverage” my next opportunity.


2 thoughts on “Leverage

  1. I know what you mean. Spring just can’t get here soon enough. I’m curious as to when spring hits in your part of the world. When can you plant things outside? Here in the Great White North, we can’t safely plant our annuals until the end of May. I get very jealous of the Brits and even those in B.C. who get a “real” spring coming up very soon. Here, we get a few nice days that have us all a-twitter, then we are plunged back into the cold.

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