Turbo Tax SUCKS!

I filed both my Federal and state taxes with Turbo Tax as offered on the IRS website on February 3, 2011.  As of today, neither the IRS or the Colorado Dept. of Revenue as received my “fast” electronic tax return.

Now I will probably have to spend the rest of the day on hold while I try to work to get this figured out.

My federal return will go to pay my tax bill from 2009 when I cashed out all my IRAs to pay off bills.  If they don’t get that, I’ll probably be in big trouble.  My measly little Colorado refund that I was SO looking forward to (to buy another swim card and maybe get a massage or two) will be delayed for God knows how long.

I am so pissed off right now I can barely think.  I am trying to contact Turbo Tax online right now.  I guess we’ll see how that goes.  UGH.



3 thoughts on “Turbo Tax SUCKS!

  1. Oh jeez I’m so sorry. This won’t help, but I think the problem is bigger than Turbo Tax – the IRS spent January revising the tax tables and I think there’s been a ripple effect that goes way out, even to companies like Turbo Tax. Good luck with your situation, and I hope you get a QUICK resolution.

  2. I switched to H&R Block’s tax software when TurboTax doubled their price a few yrs. ago. I was notified through them that the IRS wasn’t even accepting returns with itemizations until Feb. 15, so who know how big the backlog is. Hope you get a quick resolution and at least get notified that the things got filed.

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