THIS Is What I Want

First a brief update.  After the THIRD online re-filing of my taxes, I got confirmation that the IRS had accepted my Federal tax filing.  Still no word on the state, but I’m hoping the new week will bring good news.

Second, while we were in the Tattered Cover, *I* picked up a copy of one of MY favorite magazines, Gastronomica, The Journal of Food and Culture.  It’s expensive, it’s a quarterly, and it’s fabulous.  I was flipping through it and in the back, I saw an advertisement and all of a sudden, everything in me froze, just like a pointer with a covey of quail.  That.  I wanted that.  I wanted to do that.  I would give anything to figure out HOW I can do that. If there was ever a “higher degree” that I was meant for, this is it.

I’m dreaming…


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