Moving On

Enough of the pity party. Life goes on.  G really threw her back out on Friday AFTER a visit to the chiropractor.  She feels better so she thinks she’s superwoman.  The boys came over for Friday night, so of course she and GS2 had to try to conquer the yard in one afternoon.  One of our neighbors (also a vet) swapped us a load of “mature” horse shit for our now defunct air compressor (he’s a tinkerer), so he brought that over and the two of them were spreading that around, plus working in the green house and rototilling.  Of course her back would go out.

So, a weekend of misery and 2 visits to the chiro today and now she’s laid up on the floor with pillows and the TENS unit.  Maybe one day she’ll learn.

Anyway.  Dinner’s in the oven (pork shoulder blade steaks with a mushroom/mustard sauce and carrots/cabbage/onions on the stove and steamed sweet potatoes) and I’m having a Smithwick’s here (pronounded “smiddick’s).  It’s a fabulous Irish beer that you  never used to be about to get outside of Ireland.  I discovered it in Dublin, so it always takes me back when I drink it.

More freelance work on the days off plus I’ll be shoveling some shit myself.  Wow, what a weekend.

Later, taters.


4 thoughts on “Moving On

  1. “Maybe one day she’ll learn” ~ evidence points to the contrary, my dear!

    Enjoy your Smiddicks! A mental vacation to Dublin sounds grand. What I would love, love, love to find stateside is a fantastic Irish hard cider called Scrumpy Jack. Did you ever try that? Fan-fecking-tastic!

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