Thursday has always been my favorite day of the week.  I’m not sure why that is.  When I was working a regular work week, with weekends off, I think it was because it was close enough to the weekend to see it, without the frantic feel that Friday in an office often had with too much to do and too little time to do it in.  Now, Thursday is my Monday and it’s not necessarily my favorite day at the moment, but for some reason I still like it.

The last six weeks, we have been taking this online course and it has been fascinating. Listening to these grandmothers and all their combined wisdom, compassion and love has been very informative.  In fact, their teaching helped me come to terms with my dilemma of a couple of weeks ago.  Ultimately, I decided that I would leave the group.  I had a good talk with my teacher/leader and there really were no hard feelings.  It was more of a philosophical difference and the fact that I really, truly am not a “group” kind of person.  I would be much happier as the hermit in the cave on top of a mountain somewhere.  Seriously.

On Tuesday and Wednesday mornings this week, I spread probably 50 wheelbarrows full of horse shit around the garden.  I promised G I would do it and got out there at about 7 a.m. both days and got it done.  If I’m going to do yard work, I HAVE to do it early, when my energy is peak otherwise, my motivation dwindles and I let it go.  Because I could do it without feeling I needed to wait for her to wake up, etc. (and she couldn’t do it anyway with her back), I worked at my own rhythm in my own time, and whittled down the pile of shit pretty well. 😉  Plus I looked at it as another form of training for my swim.

Speaking of which, it goes along pretty well.  The punch card to the college is perfect.  The hours are convenient and the pool is rarely crowded which is a huge plus.  Last week, G bought me some wrist weights that are like sand and yesterday, I swam with the weights on.  It was pretty odd at first, but I managed to get them in the right place on my forearms between my wrists and elbows, and I swam with them for over 30 minutes.  When I took them off, I felt like my arms were completely weightless!  I think I’ll be swimming with them more often.  I also wear them when I’m peddling on the road to nowhere with Lady Gaga.  I may get another set to put around my ankles to help with kicking.  Good thing I’m naturally buoyant!

I have to build my upper body strength for this swim.  I can tell a difference already.  I can do 10 to 15 push ups at about a 45-degree angle.  I still can’t quite do a “real” push up on the floor, but I’m getting there.  Every day another rep, another minute, another lap, right?  Endurance is the key and as a Taurus, stamina is my by-law.  I may not go fast, but I can keep going when others drop in the dust.  As long as I can get from the boat to the shore in the allotted time, that’s all I care about.  To me, being the first never really mattered.  It was simply the doing of it that counted.

I continue to work on and polish my novel.  I was happy with it before, but a couple of readers have offered some wonderful suggestions and I think once I incorporate those, it really will be ready to submit.  However, accepted or not, ever published or not, I have accomplished one of my major life goals and that was to FINISH a novel.  I did it, and that’s the biggest thing!  To those who have been helping me, and you know who you are, many heartfelt thanks!

Oh, and happy St. Patrick’s day to all!


4 thoughts on “Thursdays

  1. Ha! I am a Taurus, too, and you are absolutely right! Endurance, patience, perseverance, unwillingness to give up. Admirable traits that will stand you in good stead on your epic swim and in life.


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