The Swim

A reader commented on my last post, asking what swim I was talking about.  I realize that I haven’t made it “official”.  I made plans to do it last year, but every time I went to register online, the site kept telling me to check back.  This year, on a whim, I checked on the registration early and it was already open.  So, I took the plunge metaphorically and registered for the swim.  That’s what I’m training for.  It will be in San Francisco, September 17, 2011.  Anyone out there who wants to come watch me is invited!

Last night, I swam for an hour with the extra weights, 30 minutes on my arms and 30 minutes on my ankles.  It took a little while to get used to it, but then it was fine.  I think I’m going to get a second pair so that I’ll have them on all four limbs.  Next week is spring break at the college, but the signs say the pool will be open regular hours, so I plan to take advantage of that.  And perhaps with the weather getting nicer, I can get the bike off the trainer and back on the road.  Although that will mean saying good-bye to Lady Gaga for the time being because I don’t listen to music while I’m biking to anywhere–too distracting.

I’m actually off today (Saturday).  I took a vacay day so that I could go to the opening event that the group I dropped out of is holding this afternoon.  I can’t remember when the last time I actually had a Saturday off was.  Maybe when we went to Australia last year?

I guess I better go get another cup of coffee and enjoy it!



5 thoughts on “The Swim

  1. That is AMAZING!

    I volunteered with a guy who has done that swim & was telling us (the other volunteers) about it. They had an unexpected tide shift, and it was so hard. He said it felt like he wasn’t moving at all, but he finished.

    Make sure that you get some open water swims in, and not just pool swims. It is way too different. Do you have a wet suit? That will definitely help. I am so excited for you! What an amazing experience this will be!

  2. I’m excited for you too. What an undertow, er,ah, I mean undertaking. Endurance events like this, always trip something in my own imagination. Train on! And, remind me to tell you how I came to know Diana Nyad.

  3. @Cherree–soo cool that you know someone who has done this swim! Yes, I have a place in Denver where I’ve done open water swims. Plan to do some this summer and also in the Pueblo reservoir which is melted snow, so should help me with temp acclimation!

    @Peg – Diana NYAD???!!!! Yes, tell, tell!! Definitely one of my heroes!

  4. How awesome. I will be rooting you on for sure!!! Go you!! I will be doing some racing this summer too, but on foot or bike. Swimming still scares me for competition. Someday I hope to do a triathlon though…

  5. In the olden days at Michigan State, you could always find Nyad sloshing back and forth through the pool at the Field House. First, you would see her clothes plopped down on some bench. No locker. I’m pretty sure that she was not a student. Later, there were plenty of gatherings at Gayle Swanbeck’s house in Lansing and Diana was frequently there. There was only one gay bar in the county. You were sure to meet everyone, sooner or later. My girlfriend and I went to dinner with her a couple of times but when Terri ran into her (35 yrs later), Nyad did not remember her. Come to think of it, there is a lot about that time period that I don’t remember either. There was a tremendous amount of bud around back then. It might have been before it was illegal, or something.

    Diana is as extreme as her sport. Bright as a Sunday, commandingly personable, witty, fascinating. As I recall, she is a HUGE Leo. Not only is it her Sun sign, but the majority of her signs are as well. She takes up a room. Not in a bad way.

    From just the little that I know of her, I should think that any wave would think twice before it washed over her.

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