Been a while since I did a food post. Truthfully, I haven’t felt a lot like cooking recently, trying to pack in all the other stuff I’ve been doing.  Most of the things I’ve made recently have been quick, small steaks or boneless loin chops (breakfast cut) with steamed veggies and the like.  I did cook two “magic chickens” and a big batch of quinoa/black bean pilaf for a friend recovering from hip surgery but that’s been the extent of it.

However, the last week or so I’ve had a hankerin’.  One of my all-time favorite cookbooks is The Silver Palate:

I’ve had this cookbook for nearly 30 years and it looks it.  Most of the recipes are very heavy on the oil and fat, but once you cut back on that a bit, everything stands up quite well to the test of time.  The other day I wanted their lemon chicken.  Ya’ll know I love me some lemons.  The chicken has to be marinated overnight, so the other day I bought a bag o’ lemons, squeezed them out last night and put the chicken in to marinate.  The thing I like about this recipe is that the chicken is seared/browned in oil first, but then baked to finish it.

After being overnight in lemon juice, and after its turn in the skillet, the chicken was ready for the final finish in the oven:

The recipe calls for two entire chickens, cut up, but G and I are both more partial to thighs, so I used them.  There’s a bit of brown sugar, lemon zest, lemon extract and chicken stock along with the rest of it.  After cooking in the oven for about an hour, oh, the goodness:

Just look at that crispy, juicy, lemony, chicken-y deliciousness:

While that was cooking, I made a batch of smashed ‘taters and at the end steamed some fresh spinach with onions and mushrooms.  Sunday supper at Granny’s was never so luscious!

Ya’ll come back now, ya heah??  Oh, and yeah, that’s REAL buttah on the ‘taters.  Anything else is a crime.



4 thoughts on “Suppertime!

  1. LOL Well thankee Jeb. I like the looks of that there plate. I think it would be awesome too, to use limes at some point instead of lemons…..

  2. Mmmmmmm. The lemon chicken looks delish, and so does that “magic chicken.” And if you’ve got any good quinoa recipes to share, please send them on if you have a chance. My sis just sent me some quinoa for my “ingredient of the month club” and I confess to never having made it before. Thanks! eggy

  3. This looks so fantastic! I love lemon! Could you make some gravy out of those pan drippings? If not, yes, of course that’s real butter… why eat anything else?

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