Just Playin’ Around

It’s only taken me about a year, but I finally got around to playing with Windows Movie Maker, and made a little slide show of some of the photos I took last year when we were in Venice Beach before we left for Australia. Managed to get a title and some music on it, too!  Ozomatli if you’re interested.  I love those guys!

So, in a little bit, I’ll try to get some of the photos from Oz up there too.  This movie thing could be fun…who knows, maybe I’ll try my hand at it.  I always wanted to be in pictures! 😉


3 thoughts on “Just Playin’ Around

  1. We DID. Sadly, I didn’t see any of the cast of NCIS: LA, but every time I watch that show and they do an outside shot, I jump up and down yelling, “Ooooh, Venice Beach, Venice Beach!” LOL, I’m silly like that! 😉

  2. Good collection of pictures.
    And I’m with you on Ozomatli – seen them twice in London – epic performances. Huge fun.

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