How To Cross The Street…

In Brisbane, Australia…

Loving the special effects and being able to add music, etc.  I watched this from the street level, then saw another person up on the balcony where I took these photos.  It was a little coffee shop outside of an urban multi-story mall.  Lots of those in Brisbane which is quite a lovely city.  I hope they are recovering from their flooding earlier.


4 thoughts on “How To Cross The Street…

  1. I don’t get it. I’m Australian and I don’t see anything special about the people crossing the street, but perhaps I’m missing something?

  2. Hi, Judy, thanks for your comment. No, you aren’t missing anything. It’s just that here in the States there aren’t many places (anyone correct me if I’m wrong) where all 4 lanes of traffic stop and people cross the street in any direction. I’ve lived in a couple of cities comparable in size to Brisbane and never saw that arrangement before. It was new to me, so I photographed it. There may be places in the US now that do that, but I haven’t encountered them. I just found it interesting. Hope you come back again!

  3. I had no idea we had an intersection like this in Toronto – until today! I was on an architecture walk in the city and there it was right in the middle of downtown Toronto. Who knew? It is a strange feeling to cross a major street kitty corner.

  4. I didn’t realise that these 4-way crossings are uncommon in the US. I’m in the DC area right now and at one crossing I often use we can go four ways although I’m thinking that that’s just because it’s a t-junction and there’s never much traffic from one direction.
    I’m from Perth, Western Australia, where most city centre crossings are 4-way so of course they’re no novelty to me.

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