Never Mind…

Was going to do a long, moaning and groaning post about the daughter and her recent situation (let’s just say it’s utility-related and many things hang in the balance).  After a very intense day at work yesterday combined with late-day “woe is me” IMs from her, I was nearly at my wits’ end.  Feeling the weight of it all, let’s say.  I managed to swim for 45 minutes with the hand/leg weights but instead of washing off my worries as I usually do lap by lap, this time I felt like I was a brick of granite trying to swim.  Disturbing, actually.

Fortunately, it was Friday and we had our weekly dinner with our local lesbians and I was able to download a bit while drinking some 2-for-1 happy hour margaritas.  Better.

G. drove home and I went to bed early with a great new book I’m reading. Even better.

Then I woke up this morning, not having to be at work till 9 a.m., so I had a cup of coffee and sat in the hot tub watching the sun come up.  WAY better.

After that, G was up, we watched a couple of PBS garden shows, I fixed breakfast and then, quite unexpectedly, she took me back to bed for some “morning delight”.  Best!  Oh, yeah.

So, all that other angst n’ stuff?

Yeah, never mind.



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