Big Mistake

First of all, no, this post has nothing to do with the previous post. That was just a minor blip in the stream of consciousness, on we go.

Had the boys over last night, since daughter is still without electricity and they needed clean clothes and a bath.  Let’s not go there, shall we?  Anyway, they were spending the night, we’d had dinner, GS1 was playing is favorite game on the computer and GS2 and I had bowled on the Wii (he won) and we had pulled out the sleeper sofa, made it up and were flipping through things to watch.

Suddenly, he saw this show on Animal Planet. Oh. My. God. And then of course we had to watch some NatGeo WILD program about water off the coast of South Africa and great white SHARKS eating seals, right?  And what’s off the coast of San Francisco?  SEALS, right?

Oh. My. God.  Now I’m not the squeamish sort and I’m fascinated by all marine life, including sharks, but wow.  I may actually be swimming with these fiends, uh, THINGS, in a few months! I’m just sayin’.

And seriously, this tiger fish??  That is truly the subject of nightmares.  However, the host of the show, Jeremy Wade was quite interesting and it was great that what he really wanted to do was just catch these things and observe them if possible and not kill them.  Of course, standing in a rather precarious dugout canoe with a little fishing line…he stands a pretty good chance of getting yanked into the water himself…

Uh, okay, it’s time to go watch Dancing With The Stars (who don’t swim with the fishes)!



5 thoughts on “Big Mistake

  1. Quit watching that shit! And thanks a lot for scaring me with the tiger fish. We live right by the Allegheny River. I almost always have some kind of fishing set up in my trunk, just in case I can drop a line. I’m always scared as hell that I’ll reel in some kind of nightmare.

  2. Just make sure you are in the MIDDLE of your group when you are swimming and look as un-seal like as possible and you’ll do fine 😉

  3. I knew about sharks around Alcatraz.
    I figured you already knew.
    If you didn’t know, I wasn’t going to try to scare you since what you were doing was important to you.

  4. Liz–good idea if I can keep up!

    AH – Yes, I knew about the sharks. I’m not really worried, but those things were really freaky looking, esp the tiger fish which I know I won’t run into, thankfully!

    I’m really more scared of jumping off the damn boat than I am the sharks! 😉

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