This week, I will submit two short stories to the Writers’ Digest annual writing competition. They are two extremely different stories, in two different genres (gay/lesbian and horror), so I’m hoping to hedge my bets.  I am working on the various things I need to be able to submit my book to an agent.  Writing a synopsis of the book is daunting, but not as much as trying to write a bio that sounds reasonably sane.

I have two punches left on my swimming punch card of 20.  Then I’ll have to scrounge up $100 to buy another one or pay as I go at $6 a pop.  I heard some good news at the gym the other day–the pool may have similar summer hours to what they have now!  That would be great because swimming in the summer will be problematic if they don’t.  I can’t figure out why it’s so darn hard to find a pool to just swim in.

Last week, G and I took our friend P out to the west end of the Pueblo reservoir so she could show us where she kayaks.  I was planning to swim along with her this summer, but she is having her 2nd hip replaced in May, so no kayaking for her this year.  However, G has a float tube that she fishes with and thinks she could probably get a kayak paddle.  The place is perfect, a secluded little cove that’s only got water in it because the lake is so high (and runoff hasn’t even really started yet).  I’m looking for a wet suit and then we can go out in the afternoons and I can swim, swim swim.  That will get me used to open water and low temps–although I took the boys to the pool on Friday and it was COLD.  Once I got moving I was all right, but that initial shock…whew.

I have more freelance transcription work–more corporate stuff, more jargon.  I have to say it is interesting because it’s an inside view into a number of industries that I would otherwise never know anything about.  It will give me a ton of great conversation starters should I ever meet anyone in those particular industries and many more things to tuck away to write about.

Speaking of reading and writing, I am finally reading “Water For Elephants” and have to say the whole thing simply transports me back to when I was working for RBB&B.  Amazing.  I can even smell the animals, hear the train whistle.  Even though this circus story takes place during the Great Depression, not a lot had changed.  Plus the book has photos from the Ringling archives and other collections at the beginning of each chapter.  There was one of a cook in the pie car, and I swear it could have been the very same car I cooked in.  Even the relationship between the female star and her husband was similar to the dynamic of the relationship between my first husband and me.  It’s quite an interesting experience reading it.  Part of me still wishes I had been smart/strong/independent/savvy enough to have recognized what my ex was all about before I ever got involved with him and made a quick detour around him and just stayed working with the show.  Had I not had such an emotional derailment, who knows, I might still be there.

Otherwise, I’m going through another “patch”.  There are times when it’s so hard for me to get up and do anything.  So hard to go out of the house.  So hard to make myself exercise even though I enjoy it, even though it makes me feel better.  “Body at rest” and all that.  I want to write more, blog more, but after 8 hours of typing and a couple more of freelance typing, more typing is hard.  Spring has decided that it’s going to tease Colorado mercilessly this year.  The heat came on in the house over the last couple of days.  I’m wearing a big, fuzzy bathrobe when I work and trying not to run the gas heater down here because, dammit, it’s nearly May.

I feel absolutely cloyed by routine.  Part of it is comforting.  The other part is damn near suffocating.  We are going to AZ in a few weeks for vacation–first since our trip to Australia, and I am looking forward to that.  I think we need it badly.  We’re going to meet up with a classmate of mine that I’ve reconnected with on FB and via writing.  I’m really looking forward to seeing her again.  I think we will have a grand time.

The garden is trying.  We’ve got some greens going, some things planted.  I am trying to go out more, do some watering, etc.  I made that a goal and I’m trying to stick to it.  I’m also trying not to feel “watched” or “checked on” when G hovers over me when ever I’m out trying to do anything in the garden.  I expect I do the same thing to her when she’s in the kitchen.  Breathe and let it go.  Breathing is really, really good.  That and water.  Drinking more water.

Mainly, I work on not borrowing trouble from any direction.  Another goal is just to focus on right now, this very minute.  I read something the other day–if you want guilt think about the past; if you want fear think about the future, if you want peace of mind, just focus on right now.  Right now, this moment, things are all right, so I think that’s where I’ll stay for a while.

Happy Easter and I wish you the blessings of right now.


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