For A While

I have to go away for a bit. After tomorrow, I am going to turn this blog private.  I considered deleting it, but I’m not sure I want to be that drastic.  If you’re interested you can e-mail me if you want access, but I’m probably not going to be saying much for a while.



10 thoughts on “For A While

  1. Thanks for writing for long. you are one of the few that are about real life. I do not think that I have ever com meted, but I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog. I am not sure what private blog means, but get the just of it. I would sign up for it, but It would make me neurotic checking every day to see if you had enough time to write. I wish you well, and more happiness than you are feeling at the moment. My g/f has grown children, and they/she is having the same problem. It puts those of us without children at a disadvantage to understand, as we lack the mother/child bond. No matter how much we empathize, we really have no idea. It is a tough thing to deal with, watching your partner struggle, and yet still give, at a cost, and not much appreciation. I being the childless one, have a tendency to try and ‘protect’ my partner from such hurt, but that usually ends up in some kind of argument or heatedness in the future. What I have been able to glean out of this is, You can share space in your partners heart, but ther kids come first, always. Sometimes its difficult to deal with, but I think thats just the way it is. I have been with her for 15 years, I thought It would get better for us when they grew up. Now they are all recently out of the house (last one left 6 months ago) It has not improved much. Much love to you and your continued endeavors, thanks for letting us into your life for a bit.

  2. Thank you all. FYI, Jessica, G has a son who is in his 30’s with 5 children of his own, but he lives over 1000 miles away in NY state. He has certainly had his own problems (many DUIs, etc.), but he manages to work in an industry where at least he can support himself. Also, she left him with his dad when he was 10 and she joined the Army, so she has always been sort of a long-distance parent. That makes a difference. She loves her son, but she is very happy that he is not near by. So, she understands, yet she doesn’t.

  3. Please, go private, if you must, but take it from one who knows, from one who has been there. DO NOT DELETE! You have the rest of your life to delete this.

    Ah, could you please take me private with you? No pressure, or anything, but even on my way to a root canal today, I was recalling something that you wrote that helped settle me down.

    No matter what, I will remain grateful and you will always have my best wishes and highest regards.

  4. I love reading what you write about. If you would like to take me private with you, I will keep reading. If not I will keep checking back. Even tho I have not said it before many of the things you have posted about have helped me in some way.


  5. GG – so sorry life is so tough at the moment – I’ve been following you for a while now (from north of the border) and always enjoy and learn from your blog. Thank you!.

    There are two other blogs I follow; one has gone private and the other is considering it, so do what you need to do….but keep writing…..

    I’d love to be kept in the loop and again….do what you need to do. Best wishes.

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