Air and Water

We don’t have a lot of rain in these parts, but we do have the river and thanks to several years of good snowfall, we have a full reservoir at the moment.  I’ll not be blogging for a few days, so I’ll leave you with some photos of one of my favorite places–just below the dam long the Arkansas River.  It’s the start of runoff.  It was a magic day. Down the beckoning path:

A glimpse through the trees:

And there she is, flowing along.  To the far left you can just see part of the dam.

Further on, the release pipe in addition to the valves at the very base of the dam.

The sheer power of rushing water never ceases to soothe and amaze:

The CO Dept. of Wildlife is turning this area of the river in to a fly-fishing only area. They’ve put in some rocks to make more areas for the trout to nestle:

And every now and then, you get the settings and the moment just right:

I was playing with the manual settings on the automatic camera, trying to see what was underneath:

A different view:

And, once again, just right:

And finally, an airy companion on our walk.  A perfect Colorado blue-sky day!


2 thoughts on “Air and Water

  1. Those are absolutely beautiful photos, GG! I especially like the beckoning path ~ so hard to resist! And the water pix are amazing. Were you standing in it?

    Thank you for sharing…

  2. E – no the water was running way too fast to stand in. However, the zoom lens on the camera helped and for some of the “ripple” shots I was standing on some rocks that were further out in the water.

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