We had a wonderful vacation in Jerome, AZ.  A former classmate, new friend and member of my online writing group suggested we all go there to meet in RL.  GL (the friend) and I of course knew each other, but had not spoken since graduation.  Only several months ago, did I discover she had been out since we were in school together!  Unfortunately (or not), the other members of the group couldn’t make it, so it was just me, GL and G.  We stayed in the home of one of the residents who was out of the country.  We had a lovely balcony view of the Mogollon Rim across the valley that becomes part of the Grand Canyon.  We watched the sun rise every day, drank coffee that was what we brought with us, but tasted somehow so much better there.  We walked, wandered, and met many of the lesbians who live in and around Jerome. We were made to feel at home and welcome everywhere we went. We ate wonderful food, including the best pie crust I ever tasted (sugar pie).

No phones, no e-mail, no ‘Net, no WiFi, no typing.  Just long, relaxing, mellow days, laughing, eating and feasting our eyes on the scenery and the varied arts Jerome has to offer. GL and I talked about writing and plotting and I got some mental work done on at least 2 of my books. She brought her laptop.  I just thought and planned.

It was one of the best vacations I’ve ever had.  Yesterday was the 9th anniversary of the day we met and tomorrow is my birthday. I’ll be back at work but I am really, really, REALLY going to try to carry this wonderful, mellow feeling forward with me for a while. I like it and it’s good for me.

Photos to follow at some point.


4 thoughts on “Back

  1. Sounds like a perfect vacation, GG. It’s been many years since I was last in Jerome. I look forward to your pictures; I’m sure it has changed a lot. AND, I didn’t know that it was a lesbian hotspot! Nice!

    Hold on to that post-vacay feeling as long as possible!

  2. you are back! and rested and ‘centred’! welcome, GG. Good to see your posts pop up in my reader, been missing you.
    And warm hugs on your anniversary!

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