Nice Men

I rarely come into contact with men anymore. I work from home and I’m a lesbian–two things that take me quite out of a lot of social interaction with the opposite sex. It’s not something I spend a lot of time thinking about, but yesterday, on another medical jaunt with G, I ran into such a succession of NICE men, it struck me.

She’s now on track to try to see if she can get her hiatal hernia fixed to help with all the acid.  She saw a program on “The Doctors” a couple of months ago and went on a quest to find a doc in Denver who could do the procedure described.  There are a few and this one is platinum certified, whatever that is. Bottom line, she had to fill out the usual ream of paperwork and then go up for a test where they put an NG tube with a sensor through her nose into her stomach for 24 hours to measure the flow of acid.  We decided to stay over last night and our usual hotel was booked for graduation so we found another property not far from the doc’s office. 

When we checked in, Matt, the young man at the desk was extremely friendly and welcoming.  One of MY goals was to find a wetsuit for this swim I’m doing and I asked him the best way to get to Boulder from where we would be.  He told me and then asked what I needed.  I explained I was looking for a wetsuit and he gave me the name of another scuba place that was on the way to the doc’s office.  Told me he didn’t have the exact info but he would get it for me.  Sure enough, when we came back in after a long day at the doctor and in Boulder, he handed me a note with the address and phone number of the place.  Now, I know he is supposed to be friendly and all since he works in a hotel, but to me, this was above and beyond.  He was genuinely nice–that’s something you feel.

Nice man #2 was in the Boulder sports shop – Colorado Multisport. This place was recommended to me by some women I met at the swim lake last summer.  It’s really a triathlon shop and one of those places where everyone is lean and skinny and has about 2% body fat and sort of look like Lance Armstrong.  In other words a place where I could become uncomfortable very easily.  Michael put me at ease at once, even though he really did think I would do better with a women’s wet suit because of the cut.  I told him I appreciated the thought, but there was never a piece of athletic equipment made in a “woman’s” size that would ever fit me.  So, we perused the men’s wet suits and would you believe I actually got into one?  An XL even.  Thank GOD for G, who helped me stuff myself into it like a large, GG-sized sausage.  And yes, that’s exactly what it feels like.  I even felt comfortable enough to step out of the dressing room and let Michael give me some tips.  Trust me, that took guts, but he was incredibly nice, helpful and most of all, not judgmental.  He was happy that I was doing something like this swim.  He had just got back from Santa Cruz doing a triathlon the previous weekend, so had a lot of good tips about the water and also pointed me to some really great swim aids to help me improve my stroke.  If you check out his site, you will see that he had a degenerative eye disease and will eventually be completely blind, yet he’s not stopping his athletic ways.  Not only a nice man but extremely brave as well.

Rounding out my encounters with nice men was Eric at A-1 Scuba and Travel.  When I walked in he greeted me with a smile and when I told him I was looking for a sleeveless wet suit, he headed RIGHT for the mens’!  Smart man.  He also told me about the chill of the water, but I just felt so constrained in the full-sleeve suit, so he suggested this really cool neoprene, sleeveless top with a hood on it, to be worn UNDER the wet suit. That way, I would have an extra layer on my torso, have my head covered in a way that water wouldn’t run down the back of my neck on my bare skin AND have my arms free.  He actually blushed when I told him I loved him!  I tried on the combo and felt SO much better than in the full suit.  I bought the two items right there, so now I am all outfitted for continued practice and the event itself. 

I am thrilled to have all my gear, and the biggest surprise is that I owe it all to some really nice men.

You go, guys!


3 thoughts on “Nice Men

  1. Excellent!!! I work with the most wonderful group of nice guys every week, and it’s such a delight to know men who are genuinely wonderful.

    Congrats on finding your gear, and best wishes to G on finding a procedure that will give serious relief.

  2. stumbled upon your blog…
    i’ve been looking at neoprene sleeveless tops with hoods for kayaking and appreciate the recommendation…
    you have inspired me to go ahead and make that purchase!
    thanks 🙂

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