Since I Got Back

Things have been busy.  I printed out my novel and I am reading it on paper, line editing, and making those changes in the computer document.  Cringing at some of the things that escaped me on screen. I had a sentence in there that had the word “even” in it four times. Shudder.

We have three trips to Denver this month, one down, two to go. The first trip was last week and we did an overnight.  I got up to Boulder where I met the nice men mentioned previously.  I have my wet suit.  Next week (this week), I plan to take the plunge into the Pueblo Reservoir and start practicing in it.  Pray for me. I have one punch left on my card for swimming at the college.  The good news is they will have summer hours so between there and the reservoir (unless I get arrested for unauthorized swimming), I have my practice covered.  I started walking again.

G got the punching bag up in the garage.  I told you I wanted a punching bag, right?  Yes, I wanted a punching bag and she found one at a garage sale and she and the boys put it up and I got boxing gloves for my birthday.  Never have been one for conventional type of birthday presents.  Now I have to learn how to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.  I figure it will be good for upper body strength.  I also need a jump rope and an industrial strength bra.

I’ve been re-working my murder mystery.  You realize that writing is all about A-B-C, right?  That’s not the alphabet, it’s Applying Butt to Chair long enough to get something written.  This one is hard, really hard.  I know what I want to say, the story I want to tell but damn if this one character isn’t a slippery little bitch and I’m having a hard time pinning her down.  Everything I wrote in my original opening few pages got tossed and redone.  I have a headache.

I splurged on two new pairs of walking shoes but what I really need is new glasses.  Seriously.  I really can barely read this screen out of my left eye, but when I pull my glasses away from my head, suddenly I can focus with it.  Being myopic and presbyopic at the same time sucks!  And I still don’t need bifocals because I don’t need glasses at all for close work. Heyoka me, all the way.

Wednesday, I hope to see a dear old friend who has come back to town. He and his partner were some of my very first friends when I moved here. They moved away for a while but now they’re back.  Two more nice men, yay!

I’m tired and going to bed.  Hope everyone has a great night.


5 thoughts on “Since I Got Back

  1. I didn’t realize you were writing a novel. Me, too! What is yours about? I was hoping to be done by the end of 2011, but my life is crazy right now.

  2. Hey, B! Thanks for reading. I checked out your new space and I like it. My novel sort of started out as a romance but turned into something darker. The 2nd one is a murder mystery. Good luck with yours!

  3. Check out Title Nine for serious sports bras. They make some really good ones that don’t have underwires (I simply cannot wear one of those accursed wires), and really do a good job. True mashers! I have 3 different styles, all good, and they are all I wear.

    Keep your wrists straight when you are boxing!

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