My Gear

A comment in the previous post asked about my gear.  Ever obliging, here it is–the main parts anyway.


Is what I call my “hoodie”.  The hood is cut to fit around the chin, just below your mouth.  The neck is not tight which is nice.  It has a kind of flocked inner lining and when I get it pulled down into position, it sits below the widest part of my hips.  I REALLY like this. Having the hood attached is what keeps the water from sluicing down my back.  A good thing.


is the actual wetsuit.  The little cord across the waist is the back zipper pull so that theoretically I could zip it up myself. Ha! Yeah, right.  However, I can unzip it, so 1 out of 2 isn’t bad, I guess. This goes on over the hoodie, and then I’m all set.  Seriously, wearing those two things, I do not feel the chill of the water on my torso at all.  The legs reach just below mid calf.  Yesterday on my 2nd swim session I wore G’s pair of these:

and they worked pretty well, only I think I need a pair with a strap across the instep.  I don’t want to lose her shoes in the water.  Silly me, I just don’t like going barefoot except in an actual swimming pool.  Call me quirky.

And finally, this:

is the FABULOUS mac and cheese with asparagus, spring peas and chevre that I made tonight for a potluck tomorrow. Don’t you wish you were coming with us??

Happy Memorial Day!  Don’t forget to hug a veteran.  Fortunately, I live with one, so that’s easy. 😉

Oh, P.S.–Yes, Chicu, that’s our bed! (couldn’t resist that one)!


3 thoughts on “My Gear

  1. I just sprayed coffee across my keyboard!
    I saw the bed, thought ‘hmm..i’m going to rag her about this..’
    I read further, saw you’ve beaten me to it..

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