Up And Downs

Went for my first morning swim at the reservoir today. Got there around 8 am.  Wanted to get there earlier, but it just didn’t work out.  Swam 2 “laps” of my chosen distance, maybe 20 or so minutes in the water.

The ups:

1. Getting dressed is not such a pain and I’m getting more comfortable with just stripping my clothes off and donning my swimsuit at the back of the car. Modesty, shmodesty.

2. Getting into the water faster.  Water was cold and a little choppy.

3.  Fixed my goggles a different way that worked better–over the hoodie, under the swim cap.  Still got water in them but not as much.

4. Swam more with my head out of water and kept on track with a chosen point on shore.


1. Shortly after I got going I really started having a difficult time breathing and started gaking up all kinds of congestion.  I have not been terribly congested out of the water, though the wind has been fierce these last days and lots of dust/dirt/grit around.

2. Because of the above, I cut the swim shorter than I wanted, but figured I needed to listen to my body, especially when it comes to breathing. This was more than the tightness of the suits.  I’ll chalk it up to the difference between morning and afternoon swimming, having got all that gunk out of me during the day.  Going back tomorrow after work so will compare notes.

3. I have a “gritch” in my right shoulder and it’s hurting to lift my arm. Not good.  Ice, heat and get G to massage it later.  Keep me in your prayers.

And, because I know you’re so incredibly curious, G took some photos:

All geared up and getting ready to put my face in the water:

Starting out:

In full swing:

The cove itself. The edge drops off fairly steeply, where I’m swimming, though pretty close to shore, is over my head.


4 thoughts on “Up And Downs

  1. I would like to go on record as saying, “Wow!”
    I am so impressed! I would never even consider doing something like this. You are amazing!

    Go GG Go!!!

  2. I could go with wow. Or, amazing. I hope you feel more confident each time you hit the water. Re. your shoulder, can you do a 20 minute, or so, PT type shoulder workout? The stretching, the resistance with bands, blah, blah, blah? I was in PT this spring after taking a fall and had some pretty impressive results with those exercises.
    You look great, btw. Keep it up!

  3. Focus on the ups. You have accomplished a lot.. Listen to the downs like you are (not over doing it).The traiing is alsoa marathon – not a race. You still have time to accomplish your goals. Very proud of you!

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