Choppy Seas

Yesterday, I decided to go back to the college pool to swim, just do some easy laps for a change.  My shoulder was really tender.  Alas, the pool was dedicated to about 100 high school kids celebrating the end of the school year.  I politely declined to swim. I went to grocery store instead–whee!  Such an exciting life I lead.

Today I decided to hit the reservoir again, but a bit later.  A confession–I am not supposed to be swimming in the lake.  I guess it’s against the rules to swim anywhere except the designated swim beach.  Granted, I didn’t read the rules so I don’t know for sure.  But what the heck, nothing ventured and all that.  Anyway, since it was Friday we decided to go a little later, hoping most folks would have left and gone out for Friday festivities. We were fairly lucky–only one guy out fishing away from where I swim.  I put on the swimsuit and shoes before we left home. That made things a lot quicker.  So, into the water and off I went.  It was like trying to swim in a washing machine.  The wind or something made the water incredibly choppy and I had the luck (good or bad) to be swimming across the current.  I tried to figure out some kind of rhythm to the dips and swells, but there was none.  No putting my head in the water today, it was all life-guard crawl–or breast stroke–or side stroke.  Believe it or not, side stroke was actually the easiest and got me the most distance per stroke, according to G watching from the shore.

Up side–45 minutes in the water!  I also managed to swim around, through, under, whatever, the wake of a ski boat that came buzzing into the cove for a while.  Don’t get me wrong–it was HARD.  I got slapped in the face more than a few times by errant waves.  But, it was exactly the kind of conditions I need to experience, so I was happy.  Yes, happy, I’m a bit odd.

G. was hollering from the shore to step it up and push harder, and I did try, but really I was happy just to keep on top of things.  I managed 3 “laps” of my distance and the best part was no breathing trouble, so I do think it’s a morning vs later in the day kind of thing.  So, next week, I’m going to do 2 morning swims so I can practice getting moving around early and do my breathing exercises to get the lungs limbered up and we’ll see what happens.

And, my sweet baby bought me a pump for my bike (since the air compressor we did use exploded) and I’m going to head for a 10-mile bike ride in the morning.  I’m hoping time on the bike will help the lung capacity.  I punched the bag for 5 to 10 minutes today and that really got the blood (and sweat) flowing. One way or the other, I am going to be ready for this swim.

And on that note, I would really like to send a shout out to the Autograph Hound for his great comment on my last post.  Trust me, I LOVE all your comments. I LIVE for comments, but his really struck a chord with me–and today I found myself repeating the mantra, “the training is the marathon” over and over, and it got me through.  So, thanks, AH, you are a wise man.

And now, well exercised and pleasantly tired but far from exhausted, I am going to go upstairs and snuggle in bed with my wife.

I wish everyone as pleasant an evening!


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