Day Trippers

So, Tuesday, we went to Taos, NM with “the new girls” and had the best time!  One of the things I love about having weekdays off is when you go somewhere, it’s not nearly as crowded as a weekend jaunt. We found a parking place right on the plaza and wandered around there, then past the quilt shop that G has to visit every time we go, and then into another small “back plaza” area that I just love:

As you can see, not overrun with people which is nice.  We had some time before our lunch reservation, so we hit my favorite kitchen shop:

After much mooning over various coveted items, we headed to lunch at a celebrated local place:

Sadly, I was so carried away by the entire experience of food, friends and fun that I took no photos of our lunch!  However, I  had the best calamari EVER there and the rest of the food was incredible.  White chocolate lemon cheesecake?  Oh, my!  A return trip is definitely on the list.  After that, we were happy to stroll around town and look at cool art:

Then, fortified with afternoon beverages, we were ready to head back to Pueblo:

And thanks to B, we now have one of the best photos EVER of the two of us.  I LOVE this photo!

We got home safe, before dark, and full of great memories of this trip and plans for many more with these wonderful woman.  We are so blessed to have discovered them!

Happy trippin’!


4 thoughts on “Day Trippers

  1. You are close enough to Taos to go for a day trip? Dang. Taos has been on my bucket list for a long time, and your photos make me want to go there even more. Watch out, I just may stop by to visit if I ever get there 🙂

  2. Eggy, Taos is 3 hours from here, door to door. We go the “back way” and the drive is an adventure in itself. Come visit and we’ll take you on the grand tour!!


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