Yesterday In The Kitchen

Rummaging around in the veggie drawers.  Found a crown of broccoli that was okay for something, but not fresh enough to steam, ditto some mushrooms.  Had about a quarter of a red onion.  Went to the garden and picked a good colander full of spinach and trimmed off the Thai basil flowers.  Back to the fridge.  There were a couple of breakfast-thin center cut pork loin chops.  I diced them up, marinated in a little soy and dark sesame and ginger.  While they flavored, I sauteed the veggies together, then same with the meat.  Divided all of this into 2 ready made pie crusts (yeah, I don’t make pie crust, sue me).

Grabbed 6 of our lovely local eggs, whisked in the last of the heavy cream and enough milk to make 3 cups with some fresh-ground pepper and nutmeg and poured equally into the pie shells.  Slid them in the oven for about an hour and we’ve got breakfast OR lunch OR dinner for a couple of days:

We’ll be hangin’ out on the porch. Ya’ll come on by!


4 thoughts on “Yesterday In The Kitchen

  1. Those look awesome! One of the great things about quiche (or eggs in general) is that you can use them with just about anything to make a hearty meal. Clean-out-the-fridge eggs are among my favorite dishes 🙂 Now, if I could only share your porch and scenery to go with them . . .

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