A Day

This morning, G got a call from the VA to let her know there was a cancellation and if she could get there by noon, she could have the injections in her neck that she’s been waiting for.  We had another great night with friends B and M, and I consumed a rather large quantity (for me) of bourbon, and just could not face the drive to Denver, so she’s off without me.  I find myself home alone for a nice change.

I’ve watered and weeded and contemplated a bike ride.  It’s a lovely day outside, cloudy with the sun breaking through intermittently, so it would be a great day to ride, but instead I decided to listen to music and blog for now. Perhaps some Netflix later. 

I was going to write that my shoulder was better, but it seems to be acting up again today, though I think it’s connected to my neck.  I’ve not swum since a week ago Friday.  If G gets back in time, I think I’ll try the pool today.  Biking has been good, but I need to test the arm.  Since it has gotten better, I’m pretty sure it’s muscular/tendinous. The visit to the doc (NP) was all right.  I got assigned another provider and I definitely like her better.  More my age, etc.  But, as I suspected, no one can really know what’s going on without an MRI.  Not sure I’m ready for that yet. She also offered injections, but I’m thinking massage first, etc.  Plus the improvement with resting it, so I’m encouraged.

Otherwise, I just want to hang out today, look out the window, maybe water some more, maybe wash some clothes in the new Tardis/Maytag, and generally not do anything I don’t want to do. What a gift!

Last night, I learned how to cook pizza on the grill thanks to fellow foodie, M, and it was so easy I can’t believe I hadn’t tried it before.  I think I’ll be ordering a copy of Mr. Bittman’s cookbook and making the pizza dough pretty often. With the basil and other goodies coming in soon, it’s a great way to use up the garden feasts.  Grilled veggie pizza?  Hell, yeah.

Okay, on to the next few pages of editing.  I’m more than half way done and I’m at the stage now where I’m second-guessing everything I’ve written.  Ugh. But I know it’s part of the process and I’ll get through it.  Then to complete the package to send to the agent.  With luck I’ll have it off to her before the next NANOWRIMO in November. 😉

Okay, better go do something.  Later, ‘taters.


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