Going Back

In just a little while, I’ll be leaving to head back to the lake to test my arm. I swam in the pool Wednesday for about 25-30 minutes, pretty much flat out the whole way.  Felt good. No pain, but then, I never actually had pain while I was swimming, but before and definitely after. This time not much pain after, a little “catching” at certain points, but for the most part, good.  A friend asked if she could come and watch–I was like, sure! 😉

We are really enjoying our new couple friends.  This is the first time we have really connected with another couple on this many levels.  We have so much in common, it’s just downright weird. But lots of fun.  We’ll be heading out to their place for 4th of July and I get to have my 1776 ritual followed by the perfect sequel, “Independence Day” so, there should be something for everyone. History, musical theater and Will Smith!  Who could ask for more.

G has decided not to go forward with the GI surgery. It looks quite neat and tidy in the photos, but after doing quite a bit of online research and finding too many people who ended up with feeding tubes, she figured diet modification and changing habits is better.  We learned a lot this past year, and if we can just stick to what we know works, she’s really good.

I confess I am relieved.  Knee replacements which pretty much guarantee you a significant improvement are one thing. This is something all together different.

Off to the open water!


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