Finding It

Morning swim planned today, but didn’t rush it.  I got up, had coffee, walked around the gardens, enjoyed the quiet.  Then did a couple of rounds of t’ai chi and sat for 10 minutes.  During that time, I visualized.  I visualized the cove where I swim. I felt myself getting into the water, how it feels as it comes up over the wetsuit, as I ease myself into the chilliness of it, how it feels when I start to breathe, the water on my skin, the air across it, all of that.

We got to the cove about 10 a.m., and she started timing me with my first stroke at 10:10.  Almost immediately, I hit The Zone.  Trust me, it’s a real place, but different for everyone. Today, circumstances were just right.  Beautiful day, clear, bright, water cool with some surprising warm pockets, no fishermen, no boaters, etc. 

I swam. And swam. And swam.

After what felt like just a few minutes I got back to my starting point and G said, “You’re done.”  I asked her why. She said, “You’ve been swimming an hour and fifteen minutes, you’ve gone at least a mile and you’re done.”

Triumph tastes sooooo sweet! Alcatraz, I am SO going to kick your ass!


4 thoughts on “Finding It

  1. I just fell into your blog, possibly through e. I have just started to swim – forced into it by a bum knee – and I am so impressed with an hour and fifteen minute swim. Wow. I look forward to reading about your further adventures.

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