Finally broke down and went to the eye doc this week to get myself some glasses just for the computer.  I love my eye doc. She’s an OD, but she gives a really thorough exam.  She checked me for cataracts, glaucoma, retinal detachments, and everything in between.  In the meantime we laughed and joked around.  I wasn’t going to get my glasses at her place, but she had some really cool frames, so I bit the bullet and went ahead.  Here’s the new lovelies:

Not the greatest photo since it was taken with my webcam, but you get the idea.  Maybe some more later when I can enlist G to take them for me.

Man, it’s crazy how much better I can see this computer screen!  I think these are really going to help and I may just wear them around more, although I will still need to get a new overall pair for driving, etc.  But this is very interesting. I’ve never had more than one pair of glasses at a time.  These will most likely stay down here by the computer, but will probably wear them out tonight.  G and I along with B and M are going to a new wine bar in Westcliffe, CO about an hour west and up from here, owned by two sisters.  We have to go support, you know?  And I want to look my best, right?

This is going to be one social weekend.  We haven’t been out and about this much since I don’t know when. It’s fun but I’m seriously going to have to budget some time for writing and exercise.  Can’t be slacking off, you know.

Ya’ll have a happy 4th and don’t blow anything up!



4 thoughts on “Vision

  1. I’m procrastinating about making an appointment to get my eyes checked. It’s two years since I had new glasses and my vision has possibly changed. Also I want to get bifocals put in to my present single lens frames if possible. (I’ve already got separate computer glasses but I need a third reading prescription, hence bifocals for that.) But I hate making phone calls so the appointment isn’t getting made.

  2. Nice glasses. It’s great you have a DR you like and trust. I can’t say I’ve had horror stories with eye doctors but I have had some I didn’t like.

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