New Things

On Saturdays, I get an extra 2 hours in the morning.  I don’t have to be at work until 9 a.m. for later coverage in the evening, Eastern time.  Usually I try to grab a 5 mile walk or a 10 mile bike ride, but today I just wanted coffee and a walk around the yard.  The gardens are different this year.  We seem to have more flowers and fewer veggies even though we planted a lot. We’re thinking of putting a winter-over cover crop in the big side garden this fall and just leaving the whole thing fallow next year. G has really been stressed out by the weeding and watering this year.  The other day she actually said she was “bored” with it. (pause here for a fainting spell).  Plus our social life has ramped up exponentially since we’ve met our lovely friends B and M.  We’ve never had “couple friends” not since we’ve been together and the four of us can sit and talk and laugh and plan and dream like we we’ve been together since birth.  It’s a great thing, but it has taken us away from home more than we have been in ages. We are adjusting around that and it’s fine.

So, this morning, despite going to bed after midnight, I popped awake just after 5.  Got the coffee going and had to run to the store for some things for our 4th extravaganza (I’m off–yay!). By the time I got back the sun was well up and it was time for coffee and a wander.  We’ve got some different things this year, the first being:

Blackberries!  We planted these thornless plants last year and this year it looks like we will get a decent amount.  I can’t wait!  The grapes are looking good, too:

and I found a recipe to make dolmades with fresh grape leaves.  It may be too late this year, but next year, watch out…

Another new thing this year is that G tossed out a ton of wildflower seeds all over the yard, so we’re getting things we haven’t seen before:

Also note the volunteer tomato below in the cage:


Plus some things re-seeded in new places. This beautiful hollyhock is in the middle of the front gardens.  We never had one there before and we’ve never had a white one.  I think it’s gorgeous.

We did try a couple of different varieties of tomato.  This one is called “Inca” and I think it’s supposed to be yellow when it’s ripe. The plant is already laden–G counted more than 25 tomatoes!

And of course, it wouldn’t be summer without:

And while the peach, plum and apple trees are taking a rest from last years bumper crops, the cherries just keep on coming:

And finally, just the other day, we discovered we had a new tenant.  This is first time we’ve seen one of these and I really hope he/she sticks around.  Even Peaches was excited:

So, there’s a little tour of what’s going on chez Grumpy this summer.  We do have beans, squash, onions, garlic and tons o’ dill, and the eggplant is flowering lest you think we’re in a famine.  We’ll probably end up with more produce than we know what to do with, as usual, but it’s nice to have a new variety of bounty to share.




5 thoughts on “New Things

  1. Resident frogs & toads in a garden are the ultimate sign of good garden health.
    Love the garden views…but understand the demands of gardening all too well.

  2. Thank you for sharing the beautiful shots – they are a wonderful medicine for what ails me. A colder than usual Spring means our grapes, tomatoes and sunflowers aren’t nearly as far along, but your garden is clearly hoppin’. Happy plants and critters are a very, very good sign.

  3. Lovely piccies GG. At first glance those tomatoes could be mistaken for fat peppers! Seeing that picture of Peaches and the frog/toad reminded me of the old Peter Cook and Dudley Moore sketch about the Frog and Peach.

  4. Your garden looks lovely, as always. I understand G wanting to cut back next year. T said the same thing this weekend. If we want to go away for a weekend, we have to get a garden sitter (in addition to the cat sitter). It’s definitely an obligation, but what a pay-off!

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