A Fourth of Friends, Fun, FOOD…and Fotos!

I honestly can’t remember when I had a better 4th of July than yesterday.  The only bump in the road was early in the morning when I went to make the slaw.  Friend B can’t eat raw onions, so I substituted fennel and when I went to slice it on the mandoline, I managed to slice off a rather large portion of my thumb.  Yes, OUCH. Happily, it was only a flesh wound and I had already squeezed the limes for the slaw dressing (double OUCH). G got me bandaged up and since it was my right thumb, I was fine to keep on getting things ready.  Shortly, we loaded up all our goodies and headed out east to B and M’s place for the feast. We got there just as M was putting the ribs in the oven, and got all our things warming on the stove.  Then we just hung out and waited for the other guests, 2 friends that we reconnected with via our Friday group dinners.  They live further east, and D (also a medical transcriptionist) had to work a half day.  Shortly they showed up and the grazing began in earnest:

I swear, sometimes I think I could live on olives and cheese alone.  It was great to catch up and have wonderful, free-flowing conversation and canine company:

Augie-Doggie was a perfect gentleman along with Peaches and Lucy, our friend’s dog that we are baby-sitting for a week.  M of course went all the way with holiday decorations even though everything was very informal–the way we like it:

By then, things were starting to get set out:

Everything was so delicious, I think it needs a closer look.  We had chicken/habanero sausages;

The infamous slaw (link to recipe):

B’s favorite pasta salad:

The dish that had everyone curious, my grits and green chile casserole:

And also my baked beans (following the Bittman rule of making people happy by giving them bacon):

M also dished up a lovely potato salad Nicoise:

And then…there were the ribs. Pork

And beef short ribs:

None of it would have been as good, though, without the company:

And the perfect hostesses, B (on the left) and M:

Afterwards, we retired to the front porch for more great conversation and laughter.  Then to the back porch where the western view toward Pueblo allowed us to view various firework displays in the distance.  Enough time passed to think about dessert:

And G, bless her heart, outdid herself and provided the pinnacle of the evening:

Yes, it was absolutely as good as it looks!  Throughout the evening we all spoke about how happy and thankful we were to have found each other, to be celebrating this holiday with such bounty and how grateful we were to be in this country despite so many negative things in the press.  We also discovered that most of us have quit watching/reading the “news” and are much happier for it.  I think our feast of friends was exactly what the founding fathers had in mind…everyday Americans pursuing their happiness.

I hope your 4th of July was as wonderful!


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