I Miss…

The Kiss

Twilight drew me to my bed,
To rest from daytime’s frantic labors.
I lay to music soft and low,
Beneath the warmth of flannel.
Neither sleeping nor awake
I floated, weightless,
O’er the bed–
And drifted in a ‘tweening world
Where unbridled dreaming led.

Upon my cheek I felt your touch,
Warm and real: solid substance in the empty room.
I dared not look, disturb the dream,
Yet behind the heavy lids
I watched you bend to
Place your heated kiss
Upon my lifted lips.
Your warmth and form
Were branded thereupon.

I hung suspended
By the touch of magic’s shape
Upon my yearning flesh.
And with a breathy whisper,
A soft and nearly silent laugh,
You pulled away and smiled,
Knowing we had met this night
More real than any chance
Daylight encounter.

And should we e’re be face to face,
Upon a distant venture,
I’ll know you when
You smile and bend
And say to me, “Remember?”


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