Eight Weeks

It just hit me today as I sat here typing my fingers to the bone. My swim is exactly eight weeks from today.  Eight weeks!  Suddenly this whole crazy thing is becoming real.  In two days less than eight weeks, I will be on the streets of San Francisco looking out over the water I will attempt to conquer on Saturday, September 17, 2011.  Man.  That started a few flutters, let me tell you.

It’s all serious now.  I’ve slacked off lately, letting heat and new friends pull me away from my diligence.  I can’t do that any more. I’ve got to be focused and I’ve got to work on getting myself in the best shape I can before this thing goes off.  That doesn’t mean I have to swim every day, but I do have to train every day. This place is where I registered and they have a ton of great training tips for swimming, triathlons, cross-training, you name it.

I have to put my mind back into this.  I have to not let the fear conquer me. Oh, yes, there’s fear.  I think I’d be pretty stupid if there wasn’t.  But it’s not debilitating and I haven’t mentioned it before because, well, just because.  Maybe I don’t want to be seen as weak, maybe I didn’t want to let it talk me out of going forward, whatever.  I have to acknowledge that the pain I’m feeling in my shoulder is the result of fear–an “out” if you will. Oh, I can’t swim, my shoulder hurts too much, etc.  No. That’s not happening.  This swim is going on and I am damn well going to be in the mix of it.  That’s all there is to it. This is the first time I’ve ever done anything remotely like this, i.e. a competitive event with other people.  I’ve done lots of things that were competitive with myself, but always in a solitary setting.  Just being around a lot of other people is going to be unsettling, not to mention jumping off that damn boat.

But I will do it.  By God, yes I will.  So, in eight weeks, this will be me out there, and I will get to the shore in the allotted time, and then there will be much rejoicing!

Keep me in your thoughts!



5 thoughts on “Eight Weeks

  1. You are going to surprise yourself at how well you are going to do! And no matter how well you do, you will for sure finish.

    I have the same kinda freak out a few days back about my (first!) marathon. The heat and scheduling compromising my training too. July 30th is the big day for me.

    I will be cheering for you!

  2. Congrats on your Culinary Smackdown win and best of luck on your swim. I hear ya on “fear.” I’m a distance runner and biker, but have not yet made the transition to triathlon because open water swims scare the bejeebus outta me. I’m trying to overcome it, because along with the fear comes fun and a sense of accomplishment.

    Sounds like you have a handle on this. Best of luck and I’ll be pulling for ya.

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