Breakfast At Grumpy’s

There’s no situation that’s so bad it can’t be made better with breakfast.  I love breakfast.  Today, after a pretty rotten day yesterday, I woke up feeling better.  Gotta feel better on your day off, right?  Decided I would water the back gardens before it got hot and after I had coffee on the front porch and watched the birds, I decided a needed a good breakfast.  Steak and an omelet, to be precise.  I had some basil flowers and tops that I pinched off yesterday and some gold nugget cherry tomatoes and some red onion, so:

After they sauteed a little, two of the wonderful, fresh, local eggs that we are lucky enough to get every week:

A little cheese:

Then a quick flip:

And on to the plate.  That’s a little flat-iron steak that I buy in packages of 4.  Perfect portion:

And on to the porch while I water the rest:

Definitely the most important meal of the day!


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