Better And Not So Good

Things are better. Much better in fact.  Some of the angst was not only related to the incident with the alcohol, but also to the occurrence of one of those times that just creep up on me occasionally. We’ve talked some, just enough to clear the air, not over processing as women/lesbians are so prone to do.  The time apart has been good.  G is still worried about the political situation but she’s managed to calm down some.  Friends B and M loaned me one of their cars so I had transportation without taking G away from house/dog sitting.  She’s doing another Christmas embroidery/quilting project at friend L’s house.  L has a bigger sewing machine so she’s taking advantage of that while also painting her trim, weeding her lawn, fixing her raised beds and all the other kinds of things that G does just because she’s G. I’ve managed to keep the gardens watered and pick a few veggies.  We saw our toad again!

The not so good part doesn’t have anything to do with us directly, I’m happy to say.  L went to visit her daughter in CA for the week.  She’s pretty much said that she’s ready to die and wanted to see the ocean once more.  This drives G crazy, but really, she and I to a lesser extent are truly the only friends she has in town.  Part of this is her own nature.  She’s not particularly outgoing, is kind of picky, etc.  Part of it is her view of what “getting older” means. She’s 70.  I don’t think that’s old and we have quite a few friends who are older than she is and are still giving the teenagers a run for their money, but everyone’s mindset is different.

Anyway, L was due back tomorrow evening, but last night G got a call from her daughter.  Apparently, they went to Lake Tahoe but when they got there L started having an uncontrollable nose bleed. They took her to an urgent care who sent her to the ER.  The doc said she was bleeding elsewhere as well and said she was not to fly until she was stabilized.  They didn’t admit her, but she’s home with her daughter and very weak.  So, we don’t really know what’s going on.  The house is okay, but she has these two VERY needy dogs (poodle and pug) that I don’t get on with too well.  Still, they’re okay as long as you don’t leave a garbage can around. The pug will turn it over in a nanosecond if you turn your back.  So, we have no idea when L will be back or what shape she’ll be in IF she comes back.  I’m just happy that she is with her daughter now, so if anything does happen she’ll have family with her.  In the meantime, I’m trying to stay positive, keep her in my thoughts for the best outcome for all, and trying not to step on the dogs.

But it’s good to be back in synch with my baby.


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