Not Looking Good

Got a call from L’s daughter on Friday. She was admitted to the hospital in CA.  Apparently lost approx. 2 L of blood. Very weak.  G finally talked to her today, still inpatient. It’s evident she won’t be going anywhere for a while–if ever, which is G’s strong feeling. We have the dogs here, G went to L’s house, cleaned out the fridge, took care of other perishable things and just got home. It’s telling on her. L was her very first independent friend after she left her last relationship.  It will be very hard on her if L does not come back here.  Well, less so if she gets better and decides to stay, but if she passes, it will be VERY hard.

Then, while she was at L’s house, L’s other daughter (mentally handicapped, living here in a group home), called to see how the trip went.  G, who cannot lie, just told her she needed to call her sister and got off the phone quick.

As for me, I feel it’s sad that L seems to have given up on living, but that is everyone’s choice.  I want to keep holding the energy for the best outcome for everyone, even if it doesn’t seem so at the time.  I feel for her daughter in CA because I know that L had not talked to her about her feelings, so this is a complete shock to her.  People ignore these things with the ones who love them the most and then when they want to talk, it’s too late.

If you have a spare thought or prayer to send this way, we would all appreciate it.


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