For late-start Saturdays that allow me to have coffee and breakfast on the porch with my wife (ham/mushroom/red onion/bleu cheese omelette ).

For the breeze that blew through the bathroom window as I finished my shower, making my skin tingle alive with the tiniest hint of fall.

For hummingbirds, gold finches, deep purple morning glories, red and orange zinnias.

For Inca Gold tomatoes, Mortgage Lifter tomatoes and all home-grown tomatoes in general.

For new friends that have become old soul mates.

For reconnection and re-solidification of an old friendship that has meant so much to me for a long time.

For my baby’s support and love no matter what mood we are in.

For the strength and stamina to swim 2 miles on Thursday, half a mile yesterday and no sore shoulders today!

For people who read blogs and comment.

For big front porches.

For firm beds and clean sheets.

For internal alarm clocks–much quieter than the external kind.

For basements and Tardis Maytag washing machines.

For sunlight through leaves in the early morning and the warmth on my face.

For people on the other side of the world who I never would have met without this blog.


For you, whoever you are, if you are reading this.

Now–go make your own list.



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