All Kinds of Stuff

Lots going on around here these days.  Right now it’s just before 6 a.m. and we’ve got a trip to Denver ahead of us.  Good news–friend L has been out of the hospital for several days now with her daughter and goes back to the doc today to find out if she’s okay to fly home.  Yes!  However, she’s decided that she’s going to sell her house here and move to CA to be near her daughter.  They’ve gone looking for places and she found a really nice senior apartment complex that would allow her dogs (thank you, Jesus!), gated, etc.  So, G will be helping her do a lot of packing and various other things.  She already had a realtor out (at L’s request) and the woman thought that L might be able to get the price she wants for the house.  Here’s one of our little guests who’s been making herself right at home:

In other news, we have the most amazing, generous friends.  For a while now, we’ve been looking to replace the bookcase in our living room:

I acquired this when I was working for a consulting firm in Atlanta before I moved here.  The office had a garage sale and I got it for the grand total of $5.00.  So, I’ve definitely gotten my money’s worth out of it, but it still looks like something out of a college dorm and we are kind of over that look now. If you don’t live in Colorado, you probably aren’t aware of this place, but we love itI’ve always thought furniture was one of those things that’s pretty much always overpriced for what you get, but this place has reasonable prices and their stuff is well made.  Plus it’s local which is always nice.  We found a bookcase there that we both fell in love with, knew it would fit in that space but we measured just the same:

See, it has to fit right in there were the little lip of the window sill takes out about an inch of space. It barely 48″ and the width of the bookcase we found is 47″.  Perfect.  Anyway, the other night we went to dinner with B and M and afterwards we went over to wander around the furniture store.  Turns out, they had just bought a new dining room table there.  We’ve been keeping our eye on this bookcase, hoping it would go on sale.  We went to show it to the ladies and it was in the back of the place with a “temporarily out of stock” tag.  They don’t sell their floor models, so we said we would check back and wandered away to look at more stuff.  Crafty B hung back.

Well, long story short, she bought that bookcase for us!  Turns out they were discontinuing that model and if we didn’t get it then, she was afraid we wouldn’t. What a sweet, amazing friend she is. So, it arrived at the store 2 days later and she and G brought it home:

As you can see, it fits like a charm, and I took all the games and kids’ books downstairs as the boys have outgrown most of them, and my cookbooks all fit with plenty of room and so that means…Yes, I need MORE COOKBOOKS!  Yay!  So, if any of you has a favorite that you think I might benefit from, please share.  If I get it, I’ll make something out of it in your honor!

Which reminds me, don’t forget about Battle Bacon this month. The 31st will be here before you know it.  I am so looking forward to all kinds of creative, mouth-watering, bacon-infused deliciousness from you!

Must have more coffee.  Later ‘taters.


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