HNT – My Little Friend(s)

Oh, get your minds out of the gutter! 😉  This, or these, I guess, have become a couple of my best friends over the last months:

I keep them upstairs, downstairs, in the meditation room, by my desk. I’m always lifting, hefting, raising and lowering them. Believe it or not, working with these things really helps the pain in my wrists from typing, not to mention other sets of muscles.  Will I carry them with me to SF?  No, I will not, but I’ll think of them fondly while I’m swimming.  30 days!


7 thoughts on “HNT – My Little Friend(s)

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  2. 30 days!!!!!!!! Keep pumping iron!

    Interesting that lifting weights helps with the wrists. I guess strengthening the surrounding muscles… hmm…. gotta ponder that…

  3. e – I do a specific set of exercises for the wrists–I lay my arm along my thigh, hold the weight straight out. Then I lower it down and bring it back to straight. 10 reps. Then, again starting from a straight-wrist position, I curl the weight up toward my forearm. 10 reps. Then I twist the weight back and forth in my hand with the forearm still supported on my thigh. 10 reps. Somehow, this seems to flex, stretch and open up places in the carpal areas where nerves might get impinged. I can’t speak for anyone else, but it works for me.


  4. So, in the first exercise, your arm is palm up and when you lower the weight, the back of your hand is in front of your knee cap? Or is your arm palm down to start?

    Practicing both without weight right now!

  5. e–if I were doing the exercise, my left arm would lie along my left thigh, palm up, as in the photo above, but actually over the tattoo, with enough space for my wrist to lower the weight beyond where my knee bends. So, straight wrist, then lower it down with the weight, then back straight. That’s the first part. Second part is also straight arm, but curl the wrist UP toward you and then back straight. Third part is the twisting from side to side. Nothing real fast, very controlled, slow movements. Hope this helps!

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