Before We Met

We Live Without Romance

We live without romance,
Strong and unfettered,
Women alone.
We care for each other,
For children and parents;
We make our homes
Lovely and warm for ourselves.

But at night, there is longing
In warm lovely spaces;
In places kept secret,
    aching and hidden,
Desire creeps forward
And knocks at the door.

How do we open a door
With no hinges?
Rusted in places we’ve
Forgotten existed?
How to find words
And gestures to answer
The questions that
Rage in our hearts?

Where are the lovers,
warm, willing and wanton,
To welcome us wholly, with joy?
Why do we scare them
with strength and completeness?
Why do they run from our gifts?

We cannot chase after, for love is
Given not caught; we can only
Be just as we are.
So we live without romance,
No touching, small feelings,
While we wait in our spaces
And hope for a chance.


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